flower garden


It’s time to put some “spring” back into your garden beds! With winter over and temperatures on the rise, the battle begins against weeds, insects and disease. So, get out there early and protect your yard against pesky problems. Check out my tips on how to prepare your garden for spring planting. 5 Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Spring Planting Clean Remove dead foliage to help new plants grow big and strong. Remove last season’s annuals, vegetables and herbs, as well as any dead perennial materials. Remove leaves, especially diseased ones, or break the non-diseased leaves and leave them in the garden as mulch.  Get rid any weeds in flower beds, lawns and walkways. Prune late-season flowering shrubs and vines that bloom on new growth. Prepare Remember, gardens are only as good as the soil they’re planted in. Keep garden beds fertile by enriching the earth with organic compost, manure…