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Plant Bulbs in Autumn for Stunning Spring Colour

Plant bulbs in autumn for stunning spring colour. Bulbs are little storage facilities that hold all the nutrients and energy needed to grow the plant next spring. Also, when in bloom, the plant makes more energy for the bulb to store over the next winter. How to Plant Bulbs in Autumn for Beautiful Spring Colour It’s best to plant bulbs in the fall, after a few frosts. Look for good bulbs that are free from any damage, rot or scabs. Also, ensure the bulbs are firm and free from any funky or rotten smells. Plant bulbs so that the smaller plants are closer to the front of your flower garden and the taller ones are at the back. The size of the plant is related to the size of the bulb, the bigger the bulb, the bigger the plant.  TIP: Plant bulbs which bloom in the spring around the base…