foundations and waterproofing


When deciding to buy a home, is a home inspection important? Well, you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance. So, why risk making the most important purchase of your life without a pre-purchase home inspection? Here’s some information on pre-purchase home inspections and foundations. Save Money on Costly Repairs:  Pre-purchase Home Inspections and Foundations An AmeriSpec pre-purchase home inspection can spare you costly foundation and basement repairs, and the debt that comes with them. Our trained inspectors are here to help homebuyers evaluate the true condition of any home, up front and honestly. Including those crucial areas beneath your living space. But, before you schedule your inspection, here’s why inspecting foundations is so crucial in your decision-making process. What foundation faults do our inspectors commonly find? Basements and crawl spaces are the two most common types of foundation in Canadian homes. Sure, you won’t be spending the majority of your…