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‘Tis the season for beautiful lawns! So, let’s get your lawn ready with these 7 steps for spring lawn care from Frankie Flowers. These steps will toughen up your lawn to help it fight against weeds and pests. Frankie Flowers’ 7 Steps for Spring Lawn Care 1.  Keep off the grass in early spring When the snow melts, your first impulse may be to get working on your lawn. Though, starting too soon may do more harm than good. So, if your lawn feels spongy underfoot, that means it’s still too wet. Therefore, wait until the ground feels firm. 2.  Rake Your Lawn to get Rid of Thatch and Debris Firstly, remove fallen stems, branches and leaves by raking your lawn gently and gathering up the debris. If there’s more than 1 centimetre (1/2 inch) of brown, matted blades of grass located where the soil meets the roots of your…