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Outdoor Fireplace Tips

Cold spring nights, cool fall days and the sizzle of summer; it’s time to light up your landscape with an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are the ultimate entertainer’s dream; a fireplace is a meeting place to share a story, enjoy a glass of wine or just keep warm. Outdoor fireplaces allow us to extend the time we enjoy our landscape! 5 Things to Consider when Installing an Outdoor Fireplace 1. Location The fireplace should be easily accessible and central to the backyard landscape. The location of your fireplace will become the central hub of entertaining. You will need space for seating and for guests to mingle and relax. 2. Size How many people will you entertain? How much space do you need? A large outdoor fireplace with hearth will comfortably seat 4-8 people. A large fireplace with mantle and hearth and built in seating needs space of up to 4m…