Vertical gardens are having a moment. So, whether you’re considering installing raised beds or green walls, check out Mark and Ben Cullen’s top tips for vertical gardening. Mark and Ben Cullen’s Top Tips for Vertical Gardening Raised Beds Build at least a foot tall If accessibility is your goal, you can build it right up to waist height. Additionally, backfill with a mix of gravel and topsoil to ensure draining. Then add a top layer of triple mix. You’ll want the top 12 to 18 in. of soil to be a good quality triple mix, rich in compost. Consider spacing and patterns Maximize the usability of your raised beds. Ensure they’re accessible from all sides and a wheelbarrow can pass through easily. If you decide to use turf pathways, ensure that your lawnmower can manoeuvre. Using patterns can be visually pleasing, especially when arranged geometrically. Though, we recommend that you…