When your hanging baskets are hanging just a little more than you want, and your petunias have gone stringy, it’s time to assess a sprucing-up – think about replacing them with reliable fall blooming plants. Here are our top perennials for fall colour. Mark and Ben Cullen’s 4 Top Perennials for Fall Colour 1. New England Asters The cultivated varieties are related to the native plant, only they flower longer, and the blooms are arranged in tight masses for best effect. Butterflies love these, too. Plant lots where you want to punch up the colour using bright white, red or blue. Yes, blue. It’s hard to find perennials with a blue flower this time of year, but asters are your number one choice. They are winter hardy north of Ottawa, too. 2. Sedum Spectabilus There are many sedum varieties to choose from, but “spectacle” is a favourite this time of…