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Air-to-air heat pumps are energy efficient and economical to operate. Traditionally, they’ve been used in areas with warmer climates. This is because their heating capacity drops off substantially when outside temperatures drop below zero degrees. However, this is no longer the case due to advanced technological development. Now, air source heat pumps provide more than enough heat to keep a well-insulated home comfortable at temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius. As a result, they’re using heat pumps as far north as the Northwest Territories. Learn more by checking out the below guide to air-to-air heat pumps. Your Guide to Air-to-Air Heat Pumps Ductless Mini-Split Developed in Asia, this newer version is often referred to as a “ductless mini-split” heat pump. It uses “inverter” compressor technology to pump air at 49 C (120 F) . This is at much lower outdoor temperatures than the conventional heat pump. The conventional version pumps air at…