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AmeriSpec App Organizes the House Hunting Process

AmeriSpec’s new HomeScore app allows homebuyers to rate, organize and compare homes on the market. AmeriSpec, Canada’s leading home inspection company, has taken another step to demonstrating why it’s first in the home inspection category. The company has developed a web app that will change the way homebuyers view a potential home on the market. It is known that when buyers tour a home during an open house or during an appointment with their real estate representative, most buyers find it hard to look beyond the décor and furniture, which is why the staging business has become such an important one to the real estate industry. But, what if you could see beyond the wall colour, furniture style and framed photos? With Amerispec’s new web app – HomeScore – buyers will be focused on what is really important: Is there evidence of water damage? Are there cracks in the driveway?…