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Fact Sheet on Pests

What are some typical pests encountered in Canada that can affect my home? Household pest types vary significantly across Canada, and include animals, such as birds, bats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, etc. and insects, such as termites, powderpost beetles, ants and stinging insects. Pests can enter a house through common building openings, such as chimney flues, roof vents, dryer/ bathroom/kitchen fan vents, openings in soffits/fascia, holes in window/door screens, the top of an overhead electrical mast, or utility penetrations in the foundation. Most insects and some small animals (i.e. mice), can access the home through holes as small as ¼” in diameter. Wood-boring insects are unique because they don’t need a hole in a building for entry; termites and powderpost beetles typically enter the home through exposed wood on the lower perimeter of a home. What are some health and safety concerns associated with pest entry into my home? Several health…