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Design a Universally Accessible Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a renovation priority. Whether you love to cook, entertain guests or use the space as a family hub, kitchen design has evolved in useful and exciting ways. A well-designed kitchen accommodates all family members, from infants to seniors, and their ever-changing abilities and skills. While your focus is on design and functionality, also consider the longevity of the design for safety and comfort. The successful design of a universally accessible kitchen starts with identifying potential users and anticipating their needs. Here’s some advice on how to design a universally accessible kitchen. Advice on How to Design a Universally Accessible Kitchen Universally Accessible Kitchen Cabinets and Counters Well thought-out cabinets and counters is key to achieving a comfortable and safe kitchen for all family members. Firstly, ensure that strollers, walkers and wheelchairs can easily navigate the prep areas of the kitchen. This…

1920s-era Home Update

Samantha and Greg Murray’s 1920s-era home needed a renovation. Their property neighbours a beach and quaint boardwalk. It’s just steps away from a variety of gardens, restaurants, grocers…