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Bringing a Neutral Colour Palette to Life

Many newly built homes feature open-concept main floors. The kitchen, family room and dining room are visible throughout. While highly desirable, this plan leaves many new homeowners baffled when it comes to design choices. Where do you start and stop a floor pattern? Where can you add or change colour? From a design perspective, the answer is to remain calm and go neutral. Here are some tips to bringing a neutral colour palette to life. Tips to Bringing a neutral Colour Palette to Life Neutral Colour Plays Well with Others Besides not taking sides in an argument: What does neutral mean? A neutral colour won’t have an effect on other colours because it doesn’t have any significant qualities of its own. Neutrals are considered colourless; like beige, ivory, grey, cream, black or white. Neutrals play well with others. Use trendy colours sparingly Most designers will treat a colour trend as…