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This neighborhood is what you would call an urban countryside, complete with flatlands, stables, and low speed limits for the sake of the horses that roam the streets. “The lot we bought is a very rare, regular-sized city lot, but in this special neighborhood,” says Michelle Gemmill. “The home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and is just over 3,000-square feet.” Michelle & Kenny Gemmill’s Urban Countryside Home Tour Michelle and Kenny Gemmill purchased the home with plans to renovate. “You can’t have basements in this area due to the flood risk, so we reversed the floor plan to have what would normally be in our basement on the top floor,” she says. “The home is three floors, with the living room on the main floor, bedrooms upstairs, and the spare and rec rooms on the top floor.” In keeping with the aesthetic of the neighborhood, the couple set out to…