jane lockhart


When designing, renovating and repairing our homes, we can all put into practice solutions that will help lead to a more sustainable future. So, how do we get started?  Here are some tips to designing a sustainable home. 4 Tips to Designing a Sustainable Home sustainable design Includes Quality Furniture You probably notice the style, layout and colour when entering in a beautifully designed room. However, what you may not see matters, too. For instance, high-quality construction and durability of furnishings. The economics of purchasing better quality furniture for longevity and sustainability is a step toward a healthy home. For example, it’s better to invest in one well-made sofa than purchasing, and disposing of, several poorly made sofas. Well-designed, quality furnishings endure. Buy Locally when Designing a Sustainable Home Investing in Canadian-made furniture is the smart choice. Both, economically and ecologically. You may pay more upfront, but your investment will last.…