kalu interiors


Big box stores are quickly gaining in popularity because they offer ease and instant gratification. Though, there’s still a massive consumer market for well-made, thoughtfully designed, custom pieces. From our professional experience, many will gladly pay a premium for something that is tailor-made to their needs and desired dimensions. However, custom details don’t have to be all-encompassing or wallet-draining. A few simple, thoughtful elements can go a long way to customizing the overall look and feel of a home. For example, check out the custom details we’ve incorporated into an otherwise cookie-cutter condo. Tips to Customizing the Overall Look and Feel of a Home The most wonderful quality of this condo is its exposure. The condo is flooded with wonderful, natural light through the wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows. Living Room We strategically positioned the living room furniture in a way that allows the homeowner and guests to sit and socialize in front…