Designers are offering up exceptional ADA-compliant kitchen design with accessibility in mind. Kitchen design is an ever-evolving process. It embraces functionality, balance, the perfect layout, smart storage solutions, proper lighting and ventilation and the right cabinetry choice. All while honouring style and esthetics. Exceptional design is an aspiration for most kitchen designers, and just as important, are wheelchair accessible kitchens built with ADA compliance in mind. While ADA-compliant kitchens have advanced over the years, the reality is, there currently are more kitchens that don’t require ADA compliance than those that do. But with the senior population projected to increase and aging in place a viable option, we anticipate a shift in the kitchen design industry toward even more advancements to cater to that need. In an effort to address that demand, designing with accessibility in mind is becoming an important consideration in residential architecture and design. In addition, kitchen furniture and…