landscape design


Autumn is a wonderful time to add splashes of colour to your landscape design. Check out my top 10 easy plants for your fall garden. Top 10 Plants for Fall Asters – You can choose native, annual or perennial asters for your fall garden and they come in a large variety of bold colours. Caryopteris – This small to medium sized shrub bursts with stunning light blue flowers in the late summer/fall that the pollinators love! A real eye catcher in the garden that is low maintenance and drought tolerant! Chrysanthemums (Mums) – The go-to flower for your fall containers and garden borders. They are also great decorations for your fall festivities and gatherings. Fall Blooming Crocus – Who knew that you could get crocus in the fall? These low maintenance bulbs will pop up in the fall to surprise you with their delicate blooms. Feather Reed Grass “Karl Foerster”…