Spring is here, and our thoughts are turning to exterior home projects. Plus, concerns about rain and basement flooding may also be top of mind. Especially if your landscape consists of concrete or asphalt hardscaping. These surfaces are impervious. As a result, stormwater and surface run-off does not soak back into the ground naturally. Consequently, this causes issues like flooding and stormwater pollution. Fortunately, permeable pavements, such as PurePave, are available. So, if it’s time to add or replace a driveway, walkway or patio, consider a permeable material. Here are some of the benefits of permeable paving. Benefits of Permeable Paving Flood Reduction Firstly, impervious surfaces interrupt rainwater’s natural cycle. Its path across concrete and asphalt surfaces creates problems. For instance, an increased risk of basement flooding. On the other hand, permeable pavement is a porous, urban surface which allows stormwater and surface run-off to infiltrate into the soil below. For…