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Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires During the Winter Season

During the cooler months, utility bills and fender benders are not the only things that spike. Unfortunately, the number of electrical fires also increases. According to the Toronto Fire Services Annual Report 2018, 8% of all residential fires in Toronto were electrical related. Electrical fires can seriously damage your home and put your family’s safety at risk. Are you experiencing flickering lights or circuit breakers tripping ? It may be time to call a professional electrician. Also, check out the below 5 tips to prevent electrical fires during the winter season. 5 Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires During the Winter Season 1.  Get your HVAC equipment routinely serviced. It’s important to routinely inspect and service your furnace or boiler. This ensures that the electrical components are functioning properly, and the overall system properly cleaned. 2. Be cautious with space heaters to Help Prevent Electrical Fires Many homes and some businesses, especially offices with…