Kitchen renovations are known for being one of the hardest, most expensive and more time-consuming remodelling projects. A complete kitchen remodel requires a lot of thought. Homeowners are encouraged to carefully consider the countertop material, kitchen layout and their budget before they begin this project. Refer to the following tips for renovating your kitchen. Kitchen Renovation Tips Countertop Material What type of stone the countertop is comprised of is one of the important things that your will need to decide when renovating your kitchen. Two of the most popular options are granite and marble countertops. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Granite is a bit more expensive than other materials, such as a laminate countertop, at approximately $40-$60 per square foot. Homeowners can expect to spend between $2000-$5000 on a new granite countertop, depending on where they live. The costs differ for a granite countertop but, it is…