megan crosbie


Get Inspired by these country style bathroom makeover ideas. When it comes to design, country style can mean different things to different people. From barn house details to all thing’s wicker and antique, country style is as vast as the landscapes it is inspired by. Two designers, Megan Crosbie and Evelyn Eshun, have taken two different approaches to the country style bathroom. Whether you lean toward a slicker version of country, or you’re looking to freshen up a more traditional room, these country style bathroom makeover ideas will give you plenty of inspiration. Contemporary Country Style Bathroom Makeover “Contemporary country” is how designer Megan Crosbie describes this bathroom make-over, which features a combination of updated traditional elements, modern whimsy and natural details. When the owners of a farmhouse in Erin, Ontario, decided to renovate their master bathroom, they called on Crosbie. She had already designed other areas of the rural home and was familiar with their modern…