Spring cleaning season is on the way. A time of year where Canadians turn their homes upside down, this is a huge opportunity to tackle mold. If mold is discovered, removing it is hugely important. Make sure you tackle mold during your spring clean. Why? Because this fungus exposes residents to a variety of health risks. Here’s all you need to know about mold. It’s Essential to Tackle Mold During Your Spring Clean and Year Round What is mold and how does it form? Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that looks like a dark smudge or stain. Smelling musty, it grows indoors and out. Types include mildew, yeast and mushrooms, and all are especially hazardous inside homes. Mold grows indoors due to condensation, flooding, high humidity, and water leaks. Ultimately, mold grows in damp, wet, and poorly ventilated spaces. How dangerous is mold? Firstly, some molds are more dangerous…