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The Importance of Hiring an Energy Advisor

Whether your building a new home or renovating an existing one, energy efficiency should always be top of mind. Hiring a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) registered Energy Advisor is key to obtaining your home’s EnerGuide rating and the label. Firstly, they will access all of the energy related components of your home. Secondly, using the most current Building Science, they’ll make recommendations to improve your home’s efficiency and  comfort. Learn more about the importance of hiring an Energy Advisor in your quest for a more energy efficient home. Energy Advisors are Trained energy efficiency Experts Only NRCan Licensed service providers using registered Energy Advisors can issue authentic EnerGuide Ratings. NRCan registered Energy Advisors are trained to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System services. They must pass exams in building science, energy evaluation procedures, energy modelling and customer engagement. Further, they’re qualified to use HOT2000, an energy simulation software developed by NRCan. HOT2000…