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Home insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to conserve energy. A well-insulated house will save you money on heating and cooling bills. Further, insulation plays a key role in making your home more comfortable. We all want a home that’s comfortable and cosy for ourselves and our family. So, let’s learn about how mineral fiber insulation works. Learn About How Mineral Fiber Insulation Works Insulation Basics Insulation works by resisting the flow of heat. Heat is a form of energy and always seeks a cooler area in your home. Consequently, this means heat flows outward in the winter, and inward in the summer. Insulation slows this heat flow. So, your home’s heating and cooling system requires less operation to maintain your desired temperature. Therefore, saving you money and making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. A good air barrier should always accompany mineral fibre insulation on one…