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Condensation around windows, drafts and cold floors are often warning signs that you’re paying too much to heat your home. This winter many Canadians plan to spend an increased amount of time indoors, NAIMA Canada would like to remind homeowners that the most effective home protection from winter is a tight building envelope. “An under-performing building envelope is the main reason why the average Canadian spends unnecessary money on heating costs,” notes Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director of NAIMA Canada. “A robust building envelope means homeowners decrease their energy needs. This lowers monthly heating bills, along with the associated greenhouse gas emissions, and enhances comfort during catastrophic winter weather.” An Effective Building Envelope Saves Money A building envelope is “tech talk” to describe the building components that separate the indoors from the outdoors. A home with a modern building envelope – well-insulated, properly sealed, and well-ventilated – can provide shelter during the…