Flo by Moen protects the things you love. Automatic shutoff keeps your home safe in case of a pipe burst, while the app allows you to view and control water usage from your smartphone. Plumbing doesn’t last forever. Don’t wait until you suffer water damage. Protect your home from water damage and leaks. Meet Flo by Moen, the all-in-one security system for your home water. Get to know Flo by Moen – Protect Your Home from Water Damage Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff. Runs daily tests to ensure your home plumbing network is running efficiently. Continuously checks for leaks and potential vulnerabilities in your pipes. Remote and automatic options to shut off valve help to prevent catastrophic damage. The App. Sends alerts to your phone in real-time if a leak is detected in your home. Allows users to set water consumption goals, monitor daily usage, and turn water on and off…