purepave technologies


Pure Pave is Permeable, Earth Conscious Surfacing™

Discover a unique, Made in Canada, permeable surfacing technology. Introducing PUREPAVE which is 6X stronger than asphalt and 1.7X stronger than concrete. Plus, PUREPAVE adds curb appeal with its sparkly finish, it’s winterized, permeable and sustainable. ​Therefore, it’s an earth concious, eco-friendly option for driveways, walkways and patios. So, learn why PUREPAVE is such a unique surfacing technology and an great choice for your next landscaping project. Discover PurePave – The SMARTEST WAY TO PAVE! RESISTANT TO ICE-BUILD UP. Highly Porous. No CRacking. No Weeds! What if you can install a decorative driveway, walkway or patio area, that didn’t grow weeds or shift out of place after a few years? How about no cracks? PUREPAVE has a solid permeable base that allows water drainage like never before. Therefore, water never builds up and you can avoid the freeze/thaw damage that is typical of concrete, asphalt and interlock pavers. GREENER. STRONGER. Attractive. SUSTAINABLE.…