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Toronto, and pretty much all of Ontario for that matter, is a sellers’ market. Demand is high, housing stock is low, and competition is cut-throat – and that’s putting it mildly. If you’re selling your home, you have the upper hand. Though, you should still do what you can to increase your investment value – and your overall selling price. So, here are some of my home exterior tips to attract more buyers – and offers! According to a recent Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) survey, only 2% of homebuyers said a home’s exterior and landscaping didn’t factor into their buying decision. So, that’s a whopping 98% of people who consider a home’s curb appeal when shopping the market. Interesting, right? Curb appeal is all about creating a desirable and inviting exterior. In a nutshell, to catch someone’s eye and make that first positive impression from the curb. Decades ago,…