red barrinuevo


Red Barrinuevo, the Principal Designer at Redesign4More, adds an outdoor living space to a condo terrace. The result is a stunning terrace with a Manhattan-inspired vibe. So, let’s check out Red Barrinuevo’s expert tips on designing a fabulous outdoor living space. Tips to Creating a Stunning Terrace with a Manhattan-Inspired Vibe This condo boasted a huge terrace. So, we created zones to organize and maximize its function.  The end result is a functional and beautiful addition to the condo. Further, it offers a Manhattan-inspired, clean and contemporary feel that can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come. I love everything that went into this space. Though, my favorite design element is the black metal screen in a chevron pattern. It provides a great backdrop and hides the old brick walls. Create a Plan for your outdoor living space Plan! Firstly, think of how you will use the…