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Celebrity designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan spark serious wanderlust with their new book Escapology: Modern Cabins, Cottages and Retreats. Twenty-four homes from around the world are beautifully captured and accompanied with informative design profiles which offer help and inspiration to create your own personalized escape – whether you are building, renovating or redecorating. We recently caught up with the designer duo to find out more. Book Offers InSpiration to Create Your Own Personalized Escape What does “escapology” mean to you? Escapology, to us, is the social science of “getting away.” In its essence, it’s all about retreating to a special place – a cottage, vacation home or cabin – to decompress. It’s all about shaking off the stresses of our fast spinning world to unwind in a peaceful spot, often with friends, family and loved ones. Now, perhaps more than ever, escape is something about which people dream, and…