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Floral Motifs in Home Décor

RENO & DECOR predicts delicate, floral motifs in home décor to trend this spring. We count on seeing the first tulips in our garden emerge as a sure sign of the arrival of spring. As well, every year around this time, floral motifs seem to sprout in fashion and home décor. For instance, five years ago we covered the oversized, tropical-inspired blooms trend. However, this spring there’s been a shift in the type of floral prints we’re seeing emerge. Instead of large-scale, edgy-looking flowers,  we’re seeing small, delicate flowers that look like they took root in the 1980s. But, this is not your grandmother’s tribute to the dated floral theme. Mixed with modern and traditional pieces, the minute petals breathe new life into a space. Delicate, Floral Motifs in Home Décor Trending Maria Raco, founder of exclusive designer wallpaper showroom NewWall, talks about the current take on the sought-after springtime trend. “The…