Tips for Aging in Place

The term “aging in place” describes seniors’ ability to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. According to the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum, “A key step in planning for independence is assessing your home to determine if it can meet your changing needs as you age”. Here are some renovation tips for aging in place. Renovation Tips for Aging in Place Firstly, talk with family members about your long-term living preferences. Do you want to downsize to a smaller single-family home, or do you plan to stay put in your traditional family home? Secondly, take a look at your finances and retirement funds. With your current savings and assets, will you be able to pay for home maintenance? Consider starting a separate retirement savings account strictly for home maintenance. Remember, it’s best to remodel your home before your mobility becomes limited. As you age,…

Control Renovation Dust

Spending additional time and money cleaning up accumulated renovation dust will detract from the satisfaction of the good project. As with other aspects of the renovation, proper renovation dust control…