sarah-marie lackey


The hub of this stunning 5-storey Whistler retreat is the 3rd floor. It’s where you’ll find the living room, kitchen and dining room. Bedrooms and bathrooms are spread over the remaining floors. The entire 5th floor is dedicated to the master suite. It provides the homeowners with their own private space, even while entertaining guests. Friends & Family Soak Up Mountain Air at Whistler Retreat The homeowners are very family focused. They have a close network of friends who often come up for weekend visits to relax and soak up the mountain air. Although they love their Whistler retreat, travel is their second true love. So, they didn’t want a place that was difficult to maintain. The Heart of This Stunning 5-Storey Whistler Retreat I always joke with my clients that no matter how much emphasis you put in the living room or dining room; everyone will always congregate in…