sharon grech


Cottage-style is a timeless décor trend. It’s strongly influenced by nostalgia that revolves around the ideals of a simple life in the country.  Its appeal lures even those (or especially those) who live in more urban areas. Its popularity has been revived over the past few years as so many of us seek serenity and comfort over show-home worthy perfection in our homes. Here are some tips to help you relax with cottage-style all year-round. Tips to Help You Relax with Cottage-Style All Year-Round The key to evoking the coziness synonymous with cottage-style is creating a warm and inviting ambience. From a décor standpoint this means comfortable furnishings, serene colours and materials that are in harmony with nature with a nod to historical inspiration. The look is timeless and doesn’t have to evoke a particular season. If you start with a colour palette that feels peaceful to YOU and key…