she shed


The past has shown us how to shelter from the swelter with covered structures. In ancient times, the Greeks adorned entrances to buildings with formal roof structures supported by tall columns. Called a portico, it was seen as a sign of authority and wealth. It also raised the home’s stature and offered much needed shelter from the heat. Since then, the portico has shed its elitist signifier and become a staple for homes the world over. A porch, loggia, verandah, or balcony offers us protection from the elements. Though, more than that, it’s a place to catch a breeze and chill out. Enjoy Shelter from the Swelter with Covered Structures Who Can Resist the Charm of a Wrap-around Porch? We still romanticize the wrap-around porch. It’s where you might find a southern gentleman sipping sweet tea and gossiping with a neighbour. But, with the rise in popularity of outdoor living,…