Parking in Toronto is a valuable commodity. In fact, many residential properties do not have a garage or driveway. Therefore, these residents must apply for residential on-street parking permits. So, in this instance, installing a front yard parking pad would be ideal. Also, front yard parking pads increase property value. However, the City of Toronto does have concerns with the environmental impacts of front yard parking pads, namely stormwater runoff. So, this is where permeable parking pads can become part of the solution in Toronto. Part of the Solution:  Permeable Parking Pads in Toronto Front Yard Parking Offers Convenience and Increases Property Value Needless to say, parking pads offer parking convenience. Especially if you don’t have a driveway or garage. Who wants to waste time looking for a parking spot every time they drive home? Also, according to MPAC, installing a licensed parking pad will increase a property’s value by approximately 3%.…