Spring fashions and gardening are not the only ways to bring joyous colour into our lives after a dreary, gray winter.   Pops of higher chroma colour can enliven both our spirits and our living spaces, indoors and out.  For our homes’ envelope, most of us lean to a neutral palette. However, items like furniture, accessories and even unexpected painted surfaces provide the perfect canvas to add a splash of energizing colour to your decorating! Add a Splash of colour to your decorating this Spring! UPCYCLE: Furniture is the perfect medium to express creativity and infuse some colour indoors and out. There’s no shortage of colourful fabrics and textiles. However, most furniture can easily be repainted to suit your changing design tastes. Before you dispose of older pieces, give them a second look and consider breathing some new life into them with a colour makeover and a new purpose. For interior glow-ups,…