stéphane chamard


A coach house becomes a stylish loft space. A hundred year old coach house, nestled in a leafy Canadian neighborhood, was given a modern point of view by designer Stéphane Chamard. In the 1920s the two-storey space had been used as a garage on the first floor and a ballroom on the second floor. Stéphane’s interior design has given contours and definition to the coach house’s two large spaces. As a designer, Stéphane is inclined toward the Scandinavian aesthetic, but he also tries to play with what exists. The ‘bones’ of this coach house are it’s soaring ceilings and elegant windows. “We have six windows in a single room, three on each side. With such a feature everything else can be pretty simple,” Stéphane says. To accentuate the airy space, Stéphane and his husband painted the rooms white.“Everything was an ugly beige when we arrived,” he states. Colour and texture…