Rustic woods and easy-care fabrics create a low-maintenance atmosphere When designing your cottage, simple and easy-to-maintain should be your main objective. If you design your vacation home with this in mind you’ll spend the summer being happy, carefree and relaxed. Start with a Cottage Purge Your home-away-from-home should not be a drop-off spot for everything that’s no longer useful at your full-time home. De-cluttering your spaces and creating clean lines lends a look of elegance and it’s easier to maintain. Rustic Cottage Flooring Rustic design works best at a cottage since you and your guests go there to relax and connect with nature. Select a wide-board plank flooring with some natural movement to it. A hand-scraped walnut or an oak floor in a medium brown colour tends to work well. Look for a matte finish so flaws are not highlighted in the sunlight. For example, maple flooring tends to have…