In my previous post, Anatomy of a Well Appointed Composite Deck – Part 1, I discussed how to build a rock solid deck; emphasizing how the deck’s substructure plays a critical role in its overall structural safety and durability. I explained the importance of under deck preparation and choosing the best decking material. Though critical, the deck’s sub-structure is not what most homeowners usually think about when planning to build a deck. The “under the deck” portions of the deck that provide safety, stability, and longevity aren’t too exciting. Unless, you’re a builder or an engineer. If you’re like most, what really excites you is your deck design, and, most importantly, what your deck is going to look like. This brings us to the decking, railings, storage solutions, etc., that will create the look of your deck. Benchmark builds with a number of wood-alternative composite decking products and each of…