Whether your building a new home or renovating an existing one, energy efficiency should always be top of mind. Hiring a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) registered Energy Advisor is key to obtaining your home’s EnerGuide rating and the label. Firstly, they will access all of the energy related components of your home. Secondly, using the most current Building Science, they’ll make recommendations to improve your home’s efficiency and  comfort. Learn more about the importance of hiring an Energy Advisor in your quest for a more energy efficient home.

Energy Advisors are Trained energy efficiency Experts

Only NRCan Licensed service providers using registered Energy Advisors can issue authentic EnerGuide Ratings.

NRCan registered Energy Advisors are trained to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System services. They must pass exams in building science, energy evaluation procedures, energy modelling and customer engagement.

Further, they’re qualified to use HOT2000, an energy simulation software developed by NRCan. HOT2000 supports the EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR for New Homes, and R-2000 residential energy efficiency initiatives. Energy Advisors are also trained to do blower door air leakage testing.

According to the Government of Canada website, energy advisors must demonstrate knowledge and experience in areas such as:

  • EnerGuide Rating System
  • Residential construction practices for low-rise housing
  • Energy efficiency renovation practices
  • Building science
  • Basic arithmetic, geometry and computers skills
  • Data collection requirements
  • Energy simulation modeling using HOT2000, and
  • Good client relation

What Does an Energy Advisor Do?

Energy Advisors are trained to provide guidance on measuring and improving the energy efficiency of a home. They use their know-how to help you make well-informed decisions when selecting energy upgrades before starting renovations, retrofits or home building.

They also perform the required inspections, tests, and energy modelling to confirm compliance with home labelling programs. For instance, the EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR®, BUILT GREEN®, R-2000 and the Net Zero Home labelling programs.

Energy Advisors Assess Home Energy Performance

According to the Government of Canada website, “The energy advisor will take measurements and notes on your home’s mechanical equipment, windows and insulation levels and do a blower door test to measure your home’s air tightness. The advisor will use this data and NRCan’s HOT2000 energy simulation software to find your home’s current and potential energy ratings. Once you do the recommended upgrades you can book a follow-up evaluation to get your home’s new and improved EnerGuide rating and label. This rating may make your home eligible for grants, rebates and financial incentives.”

Their home energy performance assessment will establish the main areas of energy use and waste in the home. Their EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report will include:

  • Your home’s EnerGuide rating and an explanation of the rating system
  • A breakdown of the amount of energy your home will use for space heating, lighting and appliances
  • Your home’s estimated annual energy usage for electricity, gas or oil
  • Recommendations for improving your home’s EnerGuide rating and the efficiency of the home.

Energy Advisors Recommend How to Improve Home Energy Performance

Energy Advisors make recommendations to improve your home’s efficiency, comfort and performance. For instance, they can find solutions to:

  • Eliminate drafts
  • Make cold floors and basements more comfortable
  • Reduce or eliminate condensation on windows
  • Eliminate the causes of mold
  • Reduce your ability to hear outside noise
  • Fix temperature fluctuations
  • Reduce your home energy bills
  • Make your home operate more energy efficiently

The Energy Advisor may recommend a range of upgrades. All of which contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. For example, they may recommend one or more of the following:

Incentives and Grants

Advisors can also help you apply for available incentives from your Province or local gas and electrical utilities.

Therefore, implementing the recommended energy efficiency upgrades will improve home comfort, lower energy costs and add value to your home. Most importantly, you’ll be doing your part to help protect the environment.

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