As the cold Canadian climate sneaks up and furnaces are ready to be turned on, what should homeowners be thinking about?  Check out the below 3 common signs of furnace trouble. Did you experience any of these issues with your furnace last year? If so, it may be time for your annual furnace check-up.

3 Common Signs of Furnace Trouble

  1. Furnace suddenly started making whining, banging, or other strange sounds
  2. Kept nudging the thermostat up just to keep your home warm
  3. Noticed a sudden jump in your energy bills but the outside temperatures have been relatively steady

It’s Time for Your Annual Furnace Check-Up

Schedule a furnace maintenance inspection and cleaning before turning the heat back on.

A furnace is among the most expensive appliances in the home but it is easy to neglect, even more so when the weather is hot. During the spring and summer seasons, furnaces stand dormant in basements across the country, collecting hazardous dust, dirt and debris within blowers and electrical components.

Over time, this buildup becomes hazardous to a homeowner’s wallet and health, but it can easily be prevented by an annual visit from a licensed heating technician. Annual maintenance costs are modest and the financial and health benefits from a clean furnace are more than worth it.

Homeowners can take on some of the work themselves, like replacing filters seasonally, but a proper furnace cleaning and tune up should be done by a licensed technician. A qualified service technician can quickly and conveniently inspect and clean a heating system, ensuring it is safe and ready for the coming winter months.

Inspections performed by a licensed technician should include the following:

  • A safety test for carbon monoxide (CO);
  • Checking for hazardous debris in the chimney and flue;
  • Cleaning of air filters and re-installing;
  • Checking operation of thermostat and safety controls;
  • Checking gas pilot safety system and cleaning as required;
  • Cleaning the motor and fan;
  • Checking the blower operation;
  • Checking condition, tension and alignment of fan belt, and performing required adjustments (on older systems);
  • Cleaning burners and setting for proper combustion and ignition;
  • Checking the gas piping to furnace.

Yearly cleaning extends the life of a furnace, prevents the risk of expensive emergency repairs and improves air quality, leading to a reduction of allergies, asthma and other illness. A well-maintained heating system can also deliver greater furnace efficiency, which prevents energy waste and homeowners from getting burned by ever increasing heating costs. So, ensure your heating system is up to handling another cold Canadian winter. Book a checkup with a licensed contractor this fall.

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