In the mid-’80s the personal computer and fax machine came into our homes and the ‘home office’ was born. The perfect home office functions with you and for you. Firstly, it should inspire productivity and creativity. Secondly, it should be comfortable and organized, with easy to access storage for all of your office tools. Here are 6 tips to create a productive home office.

6 Tips to Help You Create a Productive Home Office

1. Create a Separate Work Area

A home office can be ‘found’ in the most unlikely of spaces. For instance, under a stairwell. Though, the office area should be separate from your living area so that you can work without interruptions. Also, it should offer you the ability to ‘leave the office’ at the end of the day.

Tips to Create a Productive Home Office
A home office can be ‘found’ in the most unlikely of spaces.

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2. Choose a Home Office Space that Inspires

Colours can elicit physical and emotional reactions which will affect your productivity. Therefore, use colours which complement your needs, personality and mental happiness. For example, blue and green colours are calming. Alternatively, warm colours, such as yellows and reds, are invigorating and inspiring. Additionally, the placement of the desk in front of the window, inspires contemplation and brainstorming!

Tips to Create a Productive Home Office
I love this home office… it’s bright and organized.

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3. Keep an Organized and Professional Atmosphere

Incorporate accessories which offer creative solutions to keep your home office organized and professional. For instance, pinboards, whiteboards and calendars. All are available in a variety of finishes and styles. Plus, set a schedule for ‘going to the office’. Dress accordingly (don’t work in your PJ’s!). This professional atmosphere will help you step into the role of your profession.

Organized Home Office
Keep your home office organized and professional.

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 4. Home Office Essentials

You need the basics for your home office. For instance, a large enough desk and storage for files and office tools. Moreover, you need a comfortable, ergonomic chair. For example, the SAYL chair from Herman Miller is the perfect office chair. It’s designed for comfort, offering great back support.

Home office chair
SAYL chair from Herman Miller

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5. Repurpose Your Furniture

If you’re not creating a built-in custom desk area, you can repurpose a dining room table as a desk. I love this X base table crafted by Woodcraft. It’s available in a variety of finishes.

Home office desk
X base table crafted by Woodcraft

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6. Good Lighting is Essential for the Home Office

Home office lighting is essential. So, allow for proper illumination at all times of the day with task and overhead lighting. Plus adjust window coverings to take advantage of natural lighting. I love the look of this light from Restoration Hardware. It’s classic and simple. Make sure the wattage and level of light is suitable for your needs and the comfort of your eyes. Halogen creates a lot of heat. Florescent can be uncomfortable for your eyes. LED is the best. It emits no heat, has a long life and offers a clear, bright light.

Home Office Lighting
Classic, simple light from Restoration Hardware.

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