So, you’ve decided on the nature, scope and budget of your home renovation. Now it’s time to consider the right types of home professionals for your situation.

Consider the Right Types of Home Professionals for Your Project

Renovation Contractor

Renovation contractors can perform large and small, interior and exterior renovations. They coordinate all areas of renovating work including licenses, permits, employees, sub-contracting tradespeople, building products and materials, home inspection and supervision. If you’ve had your project designed by an architect or designer, a renovation contractor will manage the construction of those designs.


Major renovations need construction drawings for the purposes of defining a contract and obtaining permits. A professionally trained architect produces drawings and project specifications. This professional works closely with your renovation contractor.


A certified designer produces construction drawings for home interiors. Designers may have proficiency in specific areas of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms and space design. This professional works closely with your renovation contractor.

Trade Contractor

Trade contractors consist of professionals like electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers and roofers. They collaborate with renovation contractors to achieve your goals. Trade contractors are also hired directly when you want to install or replace one item.

Specialty Renovation Contractor

This expert is trained in certain aspects of the home renovating process and specializes in a certain area such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows or basements.

Kitchen and Bathroom Retailer

Kitchen and bathroom renovating projects are very popular. Therefore, many manufacturers have created showrooms and store outlets where you can find interior design items with ease. These may include fixtures, cabinets and counters. Bathroom and kitchen retailers collaborate with renovation contractors to provide customer service.

Design and Build Contractor

If you wish to hire only one company for design and construction services, look to a design and build contractor. They provide both design and construction services within the same general contracting company. A design and build contractor will see your project through from beginning to end.

Home Energy Advisor

A home energy advisor can help you save money and enhance the comfort level of your home. Their work is to determine your energy upgrades. They will do a meticulous inspection of all energy areas of your home and use modern tools to identify areas that need upgrades to save on energy. They will release an energy upgrade report which you can use to determine your renovation priorities.

Home Inspector

The work of these third-party professionals is to inspect your home before you can even plan your renovating exercise. They can give you essential information about the condition of your home and identify areas that urgently need repairs or replacements.

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