As the cold Canadian climate is upon us, have you thought about any issues experienced with your furnace from last year that are unresolved? It may be time for winter furnace maintenance.

4 Symptoms Indicating Furnace Trouble Might Be Brewing:

  1. Yellow Pilot – The pilot light on your gas furnace should be burning blue. A yellow pilot could point to trouble.
  2. Chilly Rooms – If most of your home is comfortable, but one or two rooms are always chilly, your furnace might need to be repaired or upgraded.
  3. Poor Indoor Air Quality – A failing furnace can cycle irritants and allergens through your home. This poor indoor air quality can cause trouble for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  4. Age of the Furnace – It might seem like your furnace is doing just fine. However, if it is old enough for its own driver’s license, you should think about replacing it with a newer, more efficient model soon.

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