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We don’t charge you per lead unlike other sites – that’s just not cool. Running a business is expensive enough today. eRenovate matches leads to your expertise, and leads are only matched to 3 Pros, unlike the other sites that sell leads to many Pros. Stop fighting for leads the 'old-fashioned' way; Work smarter with eRenovate; It’s where homeowners looking for Bonded Pros, will find you.
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Give Peace of Mind!

That’s right! Only eRenovate stands behind your work.
  FACT: Trust is the key in a homeowner’s hiring decision. Being a Bonded Pro means only You can offer the eRenovate Guarantee, to deliver ultimate trust like never before to clients.

Save $1,000s each year,
when Bonded by eRenovate!

Did you know... the traditional application process to become Bonded is very stressful, complicated and will cost your business $3-$5K per year! Good news is, you can leap-frog the typical bond application process by becoming Verified.
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Build Your Brand, and Pro Network!

You build many things. ProLynk by eRenovate™, is the social network for renovators and tradespeople to build their Pro referral network. ProLynk also provides resources, expert advice and tips from leading brands. Learn. Build. Connect. Start today…
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Our Project Scope helps
define project expectations.

Our Free, incredibly flexible and easy to use Project Scope platform brings your entire project together with the client in one powerful cloud solution, designed especially for all renovation and home improvement projects. The Project Scope tracks everything, from the big picture to the smaller details. We help organize the project, so you don’t have to.
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One profile, many listings!

Did you know that only Verified by eRenovate™ Pros are allowed to be listed on our partner sites and directories? That’s right!  Municipalities, Home Improvement sites and Home Inspection Services list Verified Pros to make sure their clients only connect with the best Pros.
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Use Project Scope, all your
clients get the Guarantee!

Trust isn't what it used to be; Homeowners know it. Being Bonded by eRenovate means you can offer the eRenovate Guarantee to clients you win outside of eRenovate. Bonded Pros have free access to the Project Scope platform to deliver trust and clarity for your clients to help manage projects! Gain Instant Trust means closing more Leads by offering the Guarantee to all your clients!
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Only Verified Pros can become Bonded by eRenovate.

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