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Here’s how eRenovate works...

Define Your Target Customer

Describe the services you offer, and your service area.

You choose the type of project leads that we send you.

Submit your business credentials for the Verification process – it makes Verified Pros stand out, get Bonded by eRenovate and ensures we have the best Renovators and trades.

Get Unlimited Project Leads

We don’t charge you per lead like others – that’s just not cool.

Get matched to projects that fit your expertise; Leads only go to 1, 2 or 3 Verified Pros – client’s choice.

It’s a level playing field with only Verified Pros, so you won’t compete with fly-by-nighters and the underground economy.

A Trustworthy Introduction

eRenovate clients are introduced to your business, knowing you are bonded by us and offer the eRenovate Guarantee.

The intro includes your eRenovate business profile. It’s your 1st impression, so make sure it’s up to par.

We provide you with contact details and best times to call. It's mandatory you only call them during the time they requested.

The Guarantee closes the Deal.

Offering the eRenovate Guarantee means Peace of Mind like never before for your clients – we stand behind your work like nobody else.

The easy-to-use Guarantee Platform helps projects you win on eRenovate run smoother for you and the client.

You only pay a small Project fee when you win the project.

Gain real trust like never before!

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