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How eRenovate works for Pros...

Get Verified & Bonded

Register for Free to start you’re All Canadian Verification process – the 1st step to being Bonded by eRenovate.

Pros cannot pay their way onto eRenovate unlike other sites. They must pass the Verification process. Only the finest Pro make the cut!

A small annual Verification fee ensures we always have legitimate renovators and trades. That’s our Pledge to you!

Define Your Target Customer,
Get Unlimited Leads for Free

You get to choose the type of project leads we send you, and the service area you work in.

Get matched to projects that fit your expertise; Leads are matched with up to 3 Verified Pros – unlike other sites

Yes, Unlimited Leads. We don’t charge per lead unlike other sites – again, not cool. When you Win a lead, pay us a very small fee.

A Trustworthy Introduction

eRenovate clients get introduced to your business, knowing you’re Bonded by eRenovate and offer the eRenovate Guarantee.

The introduction links to your eRenovate profile, so make a great 1st impression. Make sure it’s ready and up to par!

Your leads include the client’s contact details and preferred times for you to call.

The Guarantee closes the Deal.

Offering the eRenovate Guarantee means Peace of Mind for your clients, and the Project Scope process guides you.

The easy-to-use Project Scope process sets expectations and is a communication channel to help projects run smoother.

Using the Project Scope platform means the eRenovate Guarantee stands behind your work.

Prove you are a Trustworthy Pro.

Get Verified and Bonded by eRenovate today!

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