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How the eRenovate Verification Process Works

Our Unique, All-Canadian Five-Step Process

1. User info

This is where you give us basic information about yourself and your contracting or trade business. It lets us communicate with you, and it lets verified homeowners contact you when they're serious about hiring a contractor or tradesperson.

2. Business Details

This lets homeowners know what you can do for them, and it lets only relevant leads appear on your phone.

3. Business Credentials

Homeowners want to see credentials and this is where you tell us about yours. Our verification interface will ask for things that make eRenovate contractors stand out, such as: experience, insurance, tax registration, worker safety, code of conduct agreement - stuff like that. It's details like these that will separate you from all the fly-by-nighters who give the business a bad name.

4. Membership Plan

This is where you get to choose the level of service you want from eRenovate. Plan fees are small enough that even getting one new job a couple of times a year, will more than cover the cost. Click here to see plan details.

5. Areas of Expertise

Here is where you tell us the kind of contracting or trade work you do. We want to make sure you receive leads that match your skills and business focus, and you can tell us that from a clickable menu of various specialties. eRenovate uses this information to automatically notify you when your kind of jobs come up in your area.

VERIFIED by eRenovate™

Unmatched Screening Process

Only Insured Pros: We check and verify that each pro carries full liability insurance.
Fully licensed: Every eRenovate pro has shown us their licenses.
Annual Re-Verification: Only pros that keep up their credentials remain verified
Reputable Pros Survive: We require that contractors have at least a 3 year track record.
Workers' Safety Insurance: We check and verify WSIB coverage and keep records on file. Verified contractors treat workers fairly.
HST#/CRA Registration: Verified contractors play by the rules with contracts, invoices & HST/CRA registration
Expiry Notices We alert our contractors when their insurances are due to expire. They renew or are delisted
Code of Conduct Our contractors sign and commit to the eRenovate Code of Conduct and they're proud to honour it!


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