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Trust isn't what it used to be in the world, and homeowners know it. That's why trustworthy contractors, renovators, and tradespeople get Verified by eRenovate™. It's Canada's most demanding verification program for home renovation professionals and the only one that brings qualified leads to you automatically on your smartphone. No one can just pay their way into eRenovate as with other programs.

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Are you tired of competing with contractors who don't care about their work? Fed up bidding against tradespeople who don't care about insurance, licenses or honesty? Leave the cowboys behind and reach clients who value your professionalism. That's what eRenovate can do for you. Apply online, prove you're one of the good guys, then homeowners looking for real pros contact you directly on your smartphone. Send them a bid, and seal the deal. Watch How eRenovate Works.

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It's not enough to do good work these days. You need to show what you can do. eRenovate makes this possible like nothing else can. It gives you the power to upload images, video, testimonials and previous project descriptions.

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eRenovate is the one place on earth where you can do everything for your Canadian contracting business from any device in your life. Schedule your day, create and manage bids, archive client info, send images and videos, find the best sub-contractors and deal with suppliers. eRenovate is Canada's most sophisticated digital power tool for contractors. Discover the Pro App today.

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