FAQ eRenovate | Connecting Canadian homeowners with verified contractors



How do I get started?
eRenovate is the leading marketplace for Canada’s best renovators and trades to meet in-market homeowners. The eRenovate community is limited to only Verified by eRenovate™ businesses. So along with asking for your business name, we also ask to see license(s) and insurance. Therefore, to get started, every business must register and proceed thru the verification process, to achieve Verified by eRenovate™ status.
How do I check the status of my application?
No need. Our Member Services Team will keep you well updated every step of the way, and you can expect email status updates. Good news is, our team has the verification process streamlined, so verification is usually completed within 48 hours. In the meantime, you can be pro-active and take steps to get the most from eRenovate (website and PRO App). This includes setting up your online profile so once you are approved, your business profile will be all set to welcome new clients. If you wish to contact us, email us at: memberserivces@erenovate.com or call us anytime, 1-844-eRen0v8.
Will my Verified by eRenovate™ status automatically get renewed?
eRenovate takes great pride in showcasing trustworthy, licensed and insured contractors. So, Verified by eRenovate™ renovators get ‘re-verified annually. Why? Fact is, credentials such as licenses and insurance policies expire. So, we make sure Verified by eRenovate™ businesses keep their documents up to date. If a required business document on file expires, businesses are de-listed until valid documents are submitted.
Do I have the option to upgrade my eRenovate membership?
In a nutshell, Yes. But, we are confident you won’t have to! Why? Well, we have thoughtfully designed 3 Membership Plans to suit just about every type of renovating or trade business. Each plan offers full access to eRenovate’s website, PRO App, Verified by eRenovate™ status , use of the logo, Lead Management, TradeLinx, and unlimited leads. The only difference is the number of categories a business can subscribe to. While we will continue to launch new features, they will be offered as ‘plug-ins’, at a minimal cost. So, you’re Membership Plan, will most likely not require upgrading.
Is it safe to submit business documents to eRenovate?
Yes. Absolutely! Rest assured, your business documents are only reviewed by our Member Services Team as part of the Verification process. Once documents are checked and approved, they are deleted from our system. Your privacy is our priority. Please read our Contractors Privacy Pledge.
Are my business documents shared?
No. Absolutely not! We will never publish any private documents. In fact, we only show homeowners that we have checked and verify that your documents are up to date/valid.
How do the leads works?
The eRenovate Lead Generation system is simple. Here’s how it works:

• Get email and/or app notification of new leads,
• Review the project details including photos and videos,
• Easily create a rough estimate, a brief description and video intro (optional),
• The description for your estimate can be used to include a price range, or tell the customer your estimate is based on “such and such” materials,
• Submit estimate, and make notes for future reference,
• Customers who like your estimate and profile, will request a meeting,
• At that point, we provide you their contact details, to meet on-site and provide a written quote!

Easy as Click. Connect. Quote!
Why type of leads can I expect from eRenovate?
eRenovate sends you leads from customers who are ready to hire. How? Homeowners using the eRenovate App or website must complete a project survey to describe their needs, upload photos/video, before we post their project. So we pre-qualify the leads for Verified by eRenovate™ contractors.
How does eRenovate match me to leads?
eRenovate uses a matching system based on a proprietary algorithm. We match you to leads related to your skills, service area and lead categories you selected. Our algorithm will also start to learn the types of leads you like and dislike.
Why submit estimates to eRenovate leads?
By listening to our cherished group of contractors, a vast majority of you are tired of wasting gas and time, to provide a free estimate on a job that you feel you won’t get. Homeowners using eRenovate are ready to hire. Your ‘non-binding’ estimates are based on the details the customer provided, photos and even videos, to allow you to create a rough estimate. Also, you won’t be competing with the ‘cowboys’ who don’t care about quality workmanship, so we have leveled the playing field for Verified by eRenovate contractors.
Is my estimate binding?
Not at all. In fact, we explain to homeowners that they receive ‘ball park’ estimates, which are non-binding, because they are only based on the details provided in the project details. Once the customer requests to meet with you on-site, you will evaluate the project in person, and provide a written quote.
I need to be on-site to quote a job. Why send an estimate online?
Remember, we are here to help you succeed. The purpose of the online estimate is to connect and introduce your company to a customer in your area who is ready to hire. When you provide an online estimate, proper description, and warm video intro, you are more likely to get a chance to meet on-site with the customer.
Can I contact the customer?
Short answer, no. We have built many safeguards into eRenovate to help keep your information secure, and we improve on those safeguards all the time. If you communicate outside eRenovate, you miss out on the security benefits, which makes it difficult for us to protect your information, putting you at risk of fraud and other security issues.
Who pays who?
Good question. Once a homeowner hires you, you invoice the customer directly, and the contract is between you and the customer. No monies are exchanged via eRenovate. If the customer decides to finance the project thru eRenovate Financing, then you will get paid by eRenovate’s finance partner directly.
How much does it cost? Any extra fees?
Nope! None at all! The Membership Plan you select includes the Verfication Process fee, and provides you with Unlimited leads, that equals Unlimited growth!
Do I have to pay any commission?
No. We know running a legitimate contracting business today is already expensive. So, we don’t charge any commission. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air!?
Have more questions? We’re here to help!
At eRenovate, we aim to be your Success Partner; We are here to help you stand out from the ‘riff-raff’, showcase your passion and get you better jobs. If you have any questions, email us anytime at memberservices@erenovate.com, or call us at 1 (844) EREN0V8, or 1.844.373.6088 between 9am – 5pm EDT.