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Verified Pros automatically become Bonded thru eRenovate.
Nobody stands behind your work like we do!

This is what sets eRenovate apart.
Only Verified™ Pros can offer the eRenovate Guarantee.

Why a Bond?

Reputable, established Pros support the use of bonds as a legitimate part of the pre-qualification process . Being bonded allows you to offer a true Professional Guarantee, and to market your ability to have become bonded by eRenovate who stands behind your work.

FACT: Being bonded creates the Service and Quality Guarantee that homeowners and project managers have been looking for. Furthermore, Verified by eRenovate™ Pros get ‘fast-tracked’ past the typical bonding application process that other businesses must deal with.

What the Bond covers

Verified by eRenovate™ Pros are bonded, which means your business is now covered by a legal guarantee backed by eRenovate and our Insurance Partner, providing clients peace of mind for;

Deposit Payment Protection– covers financial loss up to $25,000 of monies paid to a Verified Pro, for the purpose of starting a project (Deposit).

Workmanship Guarantee - upon completion of the project (and you’ve been paid), your business will fix any workmanship issues directly and primarily related to the project you completed.

The eRenovate Guarantee, promises our clients that we will help them in the event that your business is unwilling to.


A surety bond is a written agreement where one party, the surety, obligates itself to another party, the obligee, to answer for the default of a third party, the principal.

The eRenovate Guarantee is a surety bond that covers Deposit Payment Protection and an 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee after project completion.

Being bonded through eRenovate means offering Peace of Mind like never before to your eRenovate clients with our Deposit Payment Protection and 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee.

Verified Pros get a 'fast-pass' over the typical bonding process which is time consuming, requiring credit checks, review of financial statements and other documents. Being Verified by eRenovate™ means you automatically qualify as a bonded contractor providing Deposit Payment Protection and an 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee at no extra cost and no hassle to you.

The eRenovate process is designed to help our Verified Pros by matching them with eRenovate homeowners and allowing the parties to clearly define projectscope, deposit terms, payment schedule while tracking all communication between the parties. This helps provide clarity and transparency in the relationship so both parties can succeed.

In addition, Verified Pros offer the eRenovate Guarantee which enhances their brand by providing superior peace of mind for their eRenovate homeowner clients.

The eRenovate Guarantee is exclusively powered by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company (“Trisura”). Trisura is Canadian-based and provides customized solutions and expertise to satisfy risks in numerous market segments.Trisura is incorporated under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada).

To become bonded by eRenovate under the eRenovate Guarantee, Verified™ Pros must agree that:

  • All documents submitted to eRenovate for the verification process are truthful and accurate,
  • Verified Pros will execute Trisura’s standard form of Indemnity Agreement. Please see full terms and conditions for additional details.

No, it does not.
The eRenovate Guarantee is not an insurance nor an insurance policy of any form, and does not insure you, your clients, or any other person. It does not replace your Commercial Liability Insurance nor does it replace any other type of insurance you may carry.

Note: To become Verified by eRenovate™, your business will be required to provide proof of certain insurance coverages. If you need additional assurances, or have questions about your insurance or other coverages, fill out this form to speak with an eRenovate Insurance Specialist from our dedicated partners, The Shepherd Group.

For further information please see full eRenovate Guarantee Terms and Conditions LINK

Terms and Conditions

Here is an overview of the unparalleled eRenovate Guarantee. You can read and understand the full details of the eRenovate Guarantee in the Terms and Conditions.

The eRenovate Guarantee covers Guarantee requests from persons using eRenovate as a registered user, who hirea Verified by eRenovate™ business via eRenovate, and enter into an eRenovate Guarantee Contract via the eRenovate platform on projects up to CDN $75,000 before HST.

  1. The eRenovate Guarantee covers;

    1. Deposit Payment protection up to $25,000, and
    2. an88 Day Workmanship Guarantee which provides protection for maintenance costs within 88 days of the project completion provided by you to your eRenovate client.

  2. By becoming a Verified Pro, and to offer the eRenovate Guarantee, you agree to;

    1. Document Accuracy; All documents submitted to eRenovate for the verification process are truthful and accurate
    2. Deposit Obligation; promise that you will not embezzle (make off with) any project Deposit Payment paid directly to your business for projects related to eRenovate clients who hire your business via eRenovate using the eRenovate Guarantee Contract,
    3. 88 Day Warranty Obligation; remedy any workmanship issues directly related to the eRenovate project caused by your business or sub-trades, that arise after project completion and within the first 88 days after protection completion. Completion of the project needs to be confirmed by the homeowner and contractor in the eRenovate online system before the 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee begins.”
    4. execute (sign) Trisura’s standard form of Indemnity Agreement, accepting the above

  3. eRenovate requires both customers and Verified Pros to make every good faith attempt to resolve any claims of Workmanship issues. Most workmanship issues will be resolved amicably, and the eRenovate Project Success team is ready to help. Before the eRenovate Guarantee is enforced, we will first try to help customers resolve problems directly with you.

  4. For all homeowner claims, the eRenovate resolution process will reviewproject history, your original quote and other documents required to be attached to the eRenovate Contract platform. Homeowners cannot claim a Workmanship issue beyond 88 Days after the project was completed.

Get Bonded by eRenovate!

Get Verified today for a better tomorrow!