Welcome to Project Scope.
Homebase for home projects.

We’ve made it easier than ever to organize and track
your project details and events, from start to finish.

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Work closer with Pros,
so projects run smoother.

Project Scope is mission control for you and Pros to track projects and stay organized.

It provides a complete overview from the big picture to the smaller details along the way.

Work more collaboratively, have more clarity, get more done.

All your important project
details at a glance.

Project Scope includes a Message Centre, your own Private Notes Area, archives documents and more.

Agree on key details such as due dates, payment schedules, upload attachments like your signed contract and add comments too.

Project Scope helps you and your Pro stay on the ‘same page’ from start to finish, by remembering all the details, so you don’t have to!

Set project expectations
in a simple, guided process.

The Project Scope platform is flexible, to cater to your unique project expectations, just the way you want.

You and your Pro agree to project Milestones with timeframes and payments for each phase of the project.

Easily edit Milestones to track changes along the way. Both sides accept the edits, no surprises in the end!

Your Project,
all in one place.

For the 1st time, it’s super-easy to track your projects with our all-in-one, free platform.

Project Scope is the easiest tool to communicate with your Pro in one convenient place.

Communicate. Collaborate. Only on eRenovate.

Better communication happens here.

Your ultimate project success tool.


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eDecorate pros, roofing contractors