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What is eRenovate?
eRenovate protects you from hiring bad contractors, by offering the first ever Renovation Guarantee. You want to hire contractors with confidence, so think of eRenovate as your personal renovation matchmakers. eRenovate delivers Peace of Mindsince we connect you with only Verified and Bonded by eRenovate™ Pros. Better renovations start at eRenovate, andwe save you the time and stress of hiring a Pro. eRenovate. Guaranteed.
What are Verified and Bonded by eRenovate™ Pros?
Trust isn't what it used to be. Each eRenovate Pro must first pass our uncompromising Verificationprocess, and agree to our terms to be Bonded by eRenovate. That means, we stand behind our Verified Pros, like no other website. Onlytrustworthy, proven contractors, renovators, and tradespeople become Verified by eRenovate™. Pros cannot simply pay their way onto eRenovatelike they do on other sites. Why search for reliable contractors, when we found them for you already?
What makes Verified and Bonded by eRenovate Pros™ special?
Only Verified Pros™ offer the eRenovate Guarantee. They have each committed to not disappearing with your deposit, and to fix any Workmanship issue related to the project.
How does eRenovate work?
Use our Post a Project to tell us what you need. Then sit back and we introduce you to 3 Verified & Bonded Pros who offer the eRenovate Guarantee and the proper skills for your project. Meet the Pros, get quotes. When you decide who to hire, click the Hire with Guarantee button to get things started and makes sure your project is covered by the eRenovate Guarantee.
Do I meet with contractors before deciding whom to hire?
Yes, we recommend you meet your matched Pros on-site, so you can meet the Pros and they can properly evaluate your project to provide an accurate quote.Remember, your matched Pros offer the eRenovate Guarantee, so Hire with Confidence!
What type of projects can eRenovate help with?
eRenovate Pros cover many project types such as painting to additions. Projects categories include bathrooms, kitchens, Heating and Cooling, Insulation Upgrades, basements, landscaping, Windows and Major Renos to name a few.
If eRenovate is free, how does eRenovate make money?
Yes! eRenovate is free to homeowners improving their home.Verified Pros pay a very small fee to ensure your project is covered by the eRenovate Guarantee. Plus, leading partners like Benjamin Moore and Moen Canada support the eRenovate platform. You can re-pay us, by sharing the love and Like Us on Facebook.
If I Post My Project, am I obligated to hire a Verified Pro?
No, but only Verified by eRenovate™ Pros can offer you the eRenovate Guarantee, so we highly recommend you hire them for your project. However, you have absolutely no obligation hire them.
What is the Project Scope platform?
Once you decide which matched Pro to hire, clicking the Hire with Guarantee button links to Project Scope, our easy-to-use platform to set project expectations between you and your Pro. It starts with creating a Project Scope Draft to define Project Milestones, payments and stores key documents starting with your Signed Contract. The Project Scope is free and your project must be acitivate on Project Scope so we know how the eRenovate Guarantee can protect your Project!
Why communicate thru the Project Scope platform on eRenovate?
The Project Scope platform is designed to help projects run smoother, and ensures key project details and messages are saved in one convenient place. If any issues arise, an eRenovate Project Success Advisor will consult Project Scope to clearly understand the history of your Project. Take a Tour Here.
Where does eRenovate operate?
eRenovate is proudly all-Canadian, headquartered in Toronto.
How do I become a Verified Pro™?
You can start the Verification process here, and even learn about the exclusive benefits.